Critter Count

Again, it's the tropics. We share the island with a few crawly critters. Chirping geckos are not unusual, some people even find them sweet. Cane toads hop quietly around and don't bother anyone without a toad phobia. In the bug department, Google “tropical insects” if you are truly curious.  We discourage their company every way we can, but feel free to jump on a chair and scream your head off if you are surprised by the rare unwelcome visitor. On a high note, our jungles are 100% free of man eating mammals or snakes of any kind. Very few dense jungle environments offer such pest free hiking. The National Park has been working diligently for years building trails to previously inaccessible areas high on the island. These trails wind up steep inclines to narrow ridges with mind blowing views, adventure hiking at its very best. Ladders that contour to the slopes are laid on the steepest inclines and ropes are provided to aid your ascent.




The Samoan Islands are home to beautiful birds with lyrical calls. The large sea birds that nest on the cliffs of Pola Island are challenging to photograph.


Flying foxes (bats with three foot wing spans) also fascinate our guests. They look like fuzzy Chihuahuas with giant black leather wings and are often seen during the day. They shriek like cats, but they only eat fruit and we promise they will ignore you.