Musical rolling art

Riding the bus is definitely a cultural experience not to be missed.  The buses often blast music so loudly that talking on a cell phone isn’t possible. They are made out of pick-up trucks and each bus is a work of art, or at least, classic kitsch. They run up and down the island all day long, quit around 6pm and don’t run on Sunday. The local name is aiga (aye-enga) bus, which means family bus and they are individually owned and painted. Hop on, but throw your money on the dash board as you leave ($1.00 in town, $1.50 to anywhere else). When you get to your stop, if there is no pull cord, rap on the ceiling or tap your quarter on the window. People tuck quarters in their ears since the ie lava lava (sarongs) don’t have pockets. The bus is a cheap way to get around, ask anyone for the current local price and directions if it’s your first time on the bus. The name of the village the bus is going to is usually posted on the front. There are bus stops in town, but anywhere else just wave when you see the bus and they’ll usually stop.