Sadie Thompson Inn


Heavenly Chocolate Cake Only at Sadie’s





This amazing confection is worth a trip to the South Pacific alone. The chocolate, or Cocoa Samoa, is locally grown heady stuff. A chocolate lover’s undiscovered secret baked into a cake so delicious you will consider putting your house up for sale and moving to Samoa after the first bite. Sadie’s unique recipe is a carefully guarded secret and Cocoa Samoa Double Chocolate Cake is available nowhere else. You must come to Pago Pago to experience this amazing slice of dense chocolate with a topping of vanilla bean cream.

We look forward to serving you, because if you truly love chocolate, it won’t be the last time you visit us at Sadie’s by the Sea or The Sadie Thompson Inn.

The chocolate flower looks like a miniature orchid that springs from the trunk of the cocoa tree. It is no bigger than a penny, eventually growing into the long green pods that house the cocoa beans. The ripening cocoa pods turn a rainbow of colors; the cocoa is fermented before it becomes edible chocolate.